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Tornado and Shakespeare - Overwinter Brown

OVER WINTER VARIETIES [ September delivery ]

TORNADO – good availability
Developed by Allium Seeds’ own breeding team. Decreased bolting tendency allows for earlier planting than some standard varieties. Excellent commercial results.
Produces attractive pre-pack quality bulbs which mature slightly before Shakespeare.

SHAKESPEARE – good availability
The leading overwinter variety which is high yielding and gives excellent pre pack quality and storability for an overwinter variety. Out performs competitor hybrids and suited to slightly later planting than Tornado.

SENSHYU R – limited availability
Allium Seeds’ selection of this well known variety. A rounder bulb than some other currently available selections.

Alpha, Spitfire F1

EARLY AND MAIN CROP BROWN [ delivery January/February/March ]

SPITFIRE F1 - good availability
Bred by Allium Seeds. Exciting hybrid for earliest production from Spring planting. Spitfire is strong rooting and it’s vigorous habit suits most soils. Excellent globe shaped, straw coloured bulbs which are suitable for pre-packing.

Rapier*F1 (ABS111) - limited availability
Slightly later than Spitfire, iIt has improved bolt resistance and earliness.

ALPHA – good availability
Reliable, well known, standard variety which needs good early soil. Stores really well for such an early variety.

KADDIS - limited availability         
New early open pollinated variety for trial alongside Alpha on early sites.

Griffon and Rumba - Mid season Brown

VULCAN 200 F1 - good availability
Vulcan 200 has a vigorous growth habit and early-mid season maturity. Uniform attractive round bulbs with compact necks allowing quicker curing than some competitor varieties.

Meteor*F1 (ABS120) - limited availability
A very uniform quality introduction from our breeding team. Similar maturity to Griffon. Lovely globe shape and thin neck.

GRIFFON - good availability
Griffon has good uniformity for an open pollinated variety. Griffon has a medium fine neck and a good root system, forming attractive solid bulbs. More competitively priced and similar maturity to Jagro.

RUMBA - good availability
The standard leading main crop variety which is very widely grown giving excellent yields of good quality, solid, globe shaped bulbs. Rumba is carefully maintained by Allium Seeds so that customers can be sure of consistent quality crops. All Rumba for 2018 is being grown in France or Belgium.

SETTON - good availability 
An improved Sturon type with finer, upright foliage. Exclusive to Allium Seeds in the UK.

STURON - good availability
*provisional name
A widely grown main crop giving consistent results.

EARLY AND MAIN CROP RED SETS – [ delivery March ]

Red arrow, Garnet, Red Herald F1

RED ARROW - limited availability Good commercial results mean that Allium Seeds’ Red Arrow has replaced older varieties such as Red Emperor F1. Red Arrow performed very well again in 2016, producing good yields of medium red, globe shaped bulbs. As with other reds Red Arrow needs heat treatment, careful monitoring of the process means that early vigour is not adversely affected.

RED RADIANT F1 - good availability
Red Radiant is a new early red from Allium Seeds - it has good early vigour, a lovely fine neck and good deep red colour. Commercial set volumes available for planting in 2018. Previously ABS240.

GARNET - good availability as seed and sets     
Allium Seeds’ leading main crop red which is widely grown. Popularity as a drilled red and also grown as a maincrop set. A dark red, round bulb often used by supermarket packers. Heat treated by our specialist producers who have many years of successful experience.

RED HERALD F1 – available for direct drilling
Red Herald F1 produced by Allium Seeds, this red hybrid has main crop maturity and very good storage quality, successfully stored until June 2017. Lovely dark red globe shaped bulbs with nice necks and strong root system. Previously ABS212.

RED BARON – good availability
Older, standard, main crop variety which is suitable for drilling and set production. The original Plant Breeders Rights have expired and Allium Seeds carefully select their seed stock from the many that are becoming available.