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Pioneers and Suppliers of onion Sets to Farmers, Commercial Growers and the Amateur Market for over 25 years

Allium Seeds UK Ltd has a major emphasis on breeding of all types of onions, echalion and shallots.

Allium Seeds UK Varietie SetsWe also have some smaller breeding programmes looking at niche products some of which are very close to the market – more news soon!

Sets continue to be produced from an isolated area in N France which has grown into a major operation of several hundred hectares.This has been very successful eliminating root disease carry over and also downy mildew which has NEVER been seen in the production area.

The soil type more or less eliminates staining but can occasionally result in thinner skins. Some varieties (such as overwinter types) are best produced on heavier soils hence there is isolated production in Belgium and selected areas of South Holland avoiding the main ware onion production in the Flevo and North East Polders.