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Quality Accreditation


Quality Accrediation

All sets are fully traceable back to the production field, whether in Holland, France or Belgium from the NAKT number at the top of each big bag or 25kg net.

Where seed is produced by Allium Seeds UK Ltd there is full traceability back to the basic seed supplied for multiplication. This seed and the seed crop produced from it is all treated fungicide to ensure freedom from seed and set borne disease.

The major part of production is in total isolation on land never used for onion production. Set crops are nevertheless sprayed regularly, especially in relation to Downy Mildew which has never been seen in the Elite production area.

All sets, whether grown in Holland, Belgium or France are covered by the NAKT (equivalent to NIAB in UK) inspection scheme, as follows:-

  • All set crops must be registered with NAKT Inspection Scheme.
  • All seed is tested and has to be free from nematodes (stem and bulb eelworm).
  • All fields tested for freedom from white rot and eelworm. If found then production is rejected. (Never yet found in elite production from France).
  • Where potatoes have been grown, a valid potato root eelworm / disease statement (for freedom from) requested.
  • Each lot is provided (by NAKT) with a numbered field label.
  • All fields are inspected by NAKT for trueness to variety, virus infection, stem eelworm, white rot, downy mildew, fusarium or other disease if seen.
  • Written approval of fields by NAKT is valid as a plant passport under directive 2000/29/E.C.


  • Planting rate “standard” unless advised otherwise is 38 per m² (380,000 per ha) or 3.5 per ft² (153,000 per ac).
  • 14/17 is a DIFFICULT SIZE to supply in isolation, and is 10% extra with availability ALWAYS subject to

Plant Health

  • Note that whilst there is always some flexibility, sets have to be forward contracted to fix prices and ensure availability. Early confirmation ensures availability!
  • The same grades will be organised as before unless we are advised to the contrary. Please inform us if BIG BAGS are required (same price).
  • Pricing includes fungicide treatment and delivery to Lincolnshire and East Anglia. There will be a surcharge on deliveries further afield and for deliveries of 4 tonnes or less. Sets are invoiced according to exchange rate at time of delivery.
  • Untreated sets are still generally acceptable for Organic Production, subject to the appropriate derogation.