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Welcome to The Allium and Brassica Centre

The Allium and Brassica Centre comprises 2 independent companies A.B. Agronomy Ltd and Allium Seeds UK Ltd.

The centre was founded in 1982 to offer independent advice to growers and packers on all aspects of Bulb Onion and Brassica production and storage. The centre has controlled atmosphere storage for 3,100 tonnes of produce, a purpose built seed store and 2,000 m² of modern glass and polythene tunnels for plant breeding work.

A.B. Agronomy Ltd. AB Agronomy Ltd
Allium Seeds UK Ltd.

Allium Seeds UK

Increased specialisation lead to formation of the 2 separate companies – A.B. Agronomy offers agronomy services to the Bulb Onion and Brassica industries. It is closely involved with many aspects of onion and brassica Research and Development.

Allium Seeds UK Ltd specialises in the supply of onion sets to growers and breeding of new bulb onion varieties for the onion set industry. The company is also involved in several bespoke confidential breeding programmes for customers.

Company Profiles

The Allium and Brassica Centre Group comprises three companies: